Health Resort Yunost (Morskoy)

Certification, EuropeSpa hotel spa
22308 Minsk district
Телефон: +37517 503-91-05
Факс: +37517 503-90-03
Галерея E-Mail Internet

Местность: На озере, На пляже, В спа-парке

Вид услуг: Аюрведа и традиционная китайская медицина, Питание и лечебное голодание, Классические спа-процедуры, Лечебный велнес, Велнес и красота, Реабилитация

Only a 15-minute drive away from the bustling city of Minsk lays the Health Resort Yunost, a modern spa centre with a hotel and an aqua complex. It is located right at the shore of the Minsk Sea, surrounded by a pine forest that fills the air with the pleasant scent of pines. Whether for a short holiday or just to leave your every day stress behind after a long day at work – the Spa Centre Yunost offers a huge variety of wellness, skin and body treatments, from traditional massages, manicure and pedicure to an exotic fish spa.

The Spa Centre Yunost pursues a holistic approach. Guests will experience relaxation, peace, healing and rejuvenation with the help of a harmonious blend of fragrances, music, colours, herbs, interior design and a high quality of service. It offers everything you need to relax your mind, recharge, strengthen your immune system, tone your body and nurture your skin. The available medical Spa treatments focus on diseases of the cardiovascular system, nervous system, musculoskeletal system and connective tissue.

The Spa Centre is held in simple natural colours of sand, wood and stone, which creates a calm and soothing atmosphere. The cosy treatment rooms are decorated with a lot attention to detail and offer guests a lot of privacy so that they can relax and feel at home. Guests have the choice between an Indian steam bath, Shirodhara, hamam treatments, underwater massages, aroma and colour therapy. Probably one of the most relaxing spa treatments is the floating pool. It helps get rid of stress, chronic fatigue and depression. A particularly exceptional offer is the fish spa. Garra Rufa fish carefully clean the feet or hands, dipped in a special tank, of layers of dead skin. This exotic procedure leaves you with soft and healthy skin.

The hotel disposes of 209 rooms that welcome you after a relaxing day at the Spa Centre. They are air-conditioned and equipped with all comforts and have either panorama or lake view. The buffet restaurant offers international, wellness and diet cuisine. The aqua complex consists of swimming pools, saunas and a gym.

After a relaxing treatment, why not take a walk along the shore of the beautiful Minsk Sea and pay a visit to the small island in the middle of the lake, which is connected to the mainland by a small bridge.

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Сады, Услуги няни, Условия для детей, Беспроводной доступ в Интернет, Библиотека, Стоянка, Обмен валют, Парикмахерская, Потребительские товары, Конференц-зал, Sauna, Крытый бассейн

Номер, подходящие для семей, Многокомнатные номера, Номера для некурящих, Круглосуточная служба сиделок

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Балкон / Терраса, Телефон, Интернет, Кондиционер, Номера для некурящих, Сейф, Спутниковое ТВ, Панорамный вид, Душ / туалет, Вид на озеро

Мест: 281, Номеров: 209

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ру́сский, англи́йский

Ресторан-буфет, Международная кухня, Велнес-питание, Диета

Паровая баня, Спортивный зал, Плавающий бассейн, Хаммам, Ванна для массажа гидроджет, Ингаляция, Ванна Клеопатры, Красота, Бар у бассейна, Комната отдыха, Соляной грот, Сухая сауна, Витаминный бар, Сауна

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Рыбная ловля, Экскурсии, Дискотека, Концерты, Личный тренер, Танцы, Теннис, Водные виды спорта
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